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Call For Volunteers


Competitive robotics tournaments rely on volunteers to make everything happen.  Volunteering at robotics competitions is a very rewarding activity where individuals become role models inspiring students. We are looking for volunteers who have an understanding and a passion for technology and a drive to work with others.


Volunteers will be provided with training before the events and will receive lunch at any full day event that they attend. Depending on roles and venues volunteers may need to have a working with children check.


Current Roles




Judges interview robotics teams and evaluate their designs in order to determine award winners. They also have the opportunity to help students understand the engineering design process by giving them pointers and goals for the next events. The judges typically start once the tournament has got underway and help hand out trophies at the end.




Each robotics field requires two referrers. Their job is to make sure the students follow the rules of the game and to calculate the points scored. This role is great for sports enthusiasts who like to see new sporting strategies at play.


Technical Inspection:


The Technical inspectors inspect student robots before they are allowed to compete. They make sure that the robots are safe and compliant with the rules of the game. Technical inspectors also have the ability to work with students and give advice on robot builds and programming. This role is normally finished once the tournament commences and is great for those who only can volunteer for part of the day.


Contact Travis Burroughs @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details


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Industry Update Publication

Industry Update has just published an article about our VEX Robotics program in Australia.  They have also decided to sponsor teams at the Peninsula School just south of Melbourne. It is great to see Industrial partners supporting the VEX program here in Australia.


Industry Update article

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Goulburn at the VEX IQ Worlds


The Wollondilly Roobots traveled to Louisville Kentucky to participate in the 2017 Vex Robotics World Championships this April. The team consisted of Mary Hyland, William Hyland and Lucas Ottley from Wollondilly Public School, Goulburn , NSW. The team had great success and can't wait to start on Ringmaster.


The VEX IQ program has a number of different challenges that the students can participate in.  Before the team left for America they had completed 3 online challenges; Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge, VEX Robotics Photography Challenge and the VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award.  The team achieved a finalist position in the  VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award and are already working on next years challenge.



At the Worlds team participated in 10 Qualifying matches wit h teams from across the world.  At the end of the qualifying matches the team ranked 36th.  unfortunately only the top 20 teams move onto the finals, however the Wollondilly Roobots robot was able to compete in all matches showing that their design was reliable and robust.


During the event teams had to present their STEM Project.  This year's theme was Robotic Technology in our Community. After a 4 minute presentation and 5 minutes of questioning from the judges the team was awarded the STEM Project Award.  The Team and Coach are over the moon with this achievement which has shown that hard work can pay off.  



At the Worlds Mary went to a Girl Power program and meet some amazing women in STEM occupations, including the Captain of Witch Doctor from Battlebots ,Andrea Suarez. The team got into the spirit with their mascot "Skippy" being an event favorite for photos, however the vegemite was not as warmly welcomed. Overall it was a great experience with lots of new friends made.



If anyone out there wants to know more about VEX IQ or any of the challenges the team has participated get in contact with Katherine Hyland at Goulburn High School.




Katherine Hyland


Head Teacher Science

Goulburn High School

(02) 48214022

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VEX IQ Nationals in Wangaratta


At the VEX IQ Nationals held in Wangaratta an exciting competition unfolded. Students started the day by submitting their engineering book for the Design award and STEM project. The judges then interviewed each team and heard all the wonderful things the students have been working on. Both sections were taken out by Team 10911


The Skills Challenge then took place with students scoring points in a 1 minute autonomous challenge and individual 1 minute driver challenge.  The scores are then combined to get the overall winner. The scores were very close for the driver section with teams scoring 28-31 points. In the autonomous section team 10911 scored a massive 29 points.


Then the tournament began. Teams competed with each other to gain a combined score that goes towards and individual teams total throughout the tournament. The top 4 teams then competed in the finals. The finals were played by 10911 and 11123A up against 11123B and 51180A. The alliance with the highest score at the end of the final series wins the Teamwork Challenge award and was  11123B and 51180A.


The judges award went to team 11123A for all their hard work in all areas and their overall sportsmanship. 


The overall Excellence award was awarded to team 10911 for their work across all areas of the competition. 

By winning the Excellence Award 10911 have been invited to compete at the World Championships for VEX Robotics.

Congratulations to all students that participated, having the motivation and enthusiasm to be involved and complete the problem is half way to success.



Katherine Hyland

Head Teacher Science

Goulburn High School

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Australian VEX Nationals


We had a great Nationals tournament on Saturday. Congratulations to all of the teams and especially Excellence award winners Hillcrest 7479 and 10911 From Goulburn High School who are off to the world championships to represent Australia. Our special guests, Andy Lee (innovation First), Warren Weeks (Innovation First), Paul Copioli (President VEX Robotics) and Chris Hamling (President Kiwibots) were very impressed on the caliber of robots that were at the nationals and were very happy to see how far we have come over the past year. I had the pleasure of announcing the event which meant I got to watch almost every match. I was impressed by the teams and their robots. I think the most impressing thing to see was how the students started working together as a community of young engineers rather than opposing teams.

The Hillcrest College – Galen Alliance faced off against the Emmaus, Borinya and 8999A alliance for the finals.  They went on for the best 3 rounds of robotics I have seen all year. The tournament was won by the power house Hillcreast-Galen alliance. The judged awards went to the all-girl team from Highvale College took hoe the design award and team 8999A took home the judges award.

I need to give a very special thanks to Maree Timms and her team from Galen. They went above and beyond to facilitate the event. Through Maree’s work we managed to get coverage with every major media outlet in the region.

I also need to thank Chris Hamling from Kiwibots for helping set up the network and making sure our live feed was up and running. Because of his efforts we had almost 400 people from around watching our event live.

Katherine Hyland also needs a huge thank you for stepping in to run the VEX IQ side of the tournament. It was great to see the VEX IQ in action and I can’t wait to see how much that sector grows in the coming year.

Huge thanks as well to all of our judges and referees, Simon and Mark our tech inspection team, Rianne our photographer, and everyone else who gave a hand throughout the day. 


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