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Goulburn at the VEX IQ Worlds


The Wollondilly Roobots traveled to Louisville Kentucky to participate in the 2017 Vex Robotics World Championships this April. The team consisted of Mary Hyland, William Hyland and Lucas Ottley from Wollondilly Public School, Goulburn , NSW. The team had great success and can't wait to start on Ringmaster.


The VEX IQ program has a number of different challenges that the students can participate in.  Before the team left for America they had completed 3 online challenges; Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge, VEX Robotics Photography Challenge and the VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award.  The team achieved a finalist position in the  VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award and are already working on next years challenge.



At the Worlds team participated in 10 Qualifying matches wit h teams from across the world.  At the end of the qualifying matches the team ranked 36th.  unfortunately only the top 20 teams move onto the finals, however the Wollondilly Roobots robot was able to compete in all matches showing that their design was reliable and robust.


During the event teams had to present their STEM Project.  This year's theme was Robotic Technology in our Community. After a 4 minute presentation and 5 minutes of questioning from the judges the team was awarded the STEM Project Award.  The Team and Coach are over the moon with this achievement which has shown that hard work can pay off.  



At the Worlds Mary went to a Girl Power program and meet some amazing women in STEM occupations, including the Captain of Witch Doctor from Battlebots ,Andrea Suarez. The team got into the spirit with their mascot "Skippy" being an event favorite for photos, however the vegemite was not as warmly welcomed. Overall it was a great experience with lots of new friends made.



If anyone out there wants to know more about VEX IQ or any of the challenges the team has participated get in contact with Katherine Hyland at Goulburn High School.




Katherine Hyland


Head Teacher Science

Goulburn High School

(02) 48214022

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Robotics in Glen Waverley


On Saturday September 3rd, Highvale College and DATTA Victoria hosted the second VEX Robotics event of the season. The tournament was a great success with 14 teams from around Victoria competing. Teams played 7 matches of qualifying before moving onto the finals. The least round of the finals was incredibly exciting as 2 teams from the host school Highvale went up against an alliance of two schools from Emmaus and Hillcrest. They went a full three rounds with the highest autonomous scores of the season. Highvale D, an all-girls team even managed to get the first high hanging bonus of the season. At the end of the finals the Highvale/Emmaus alliance won the tournament. Emmaus also took home the Creature Technologies Programming award and the DATTA Victoria Excellence Award. Hillcrest B won the Autodesk Design Award, Maribyrnong College won the create award, and Highvale D won the judges choice award.

Pictures of the event à https://goo.gl/photos/ERcwchsfnmRngpf58


We have seen unbelievable growth in competitive robotics this season and are in need of support to purchase a second robotics field. If you are interested in helping please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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