The VEX EDR Curriculum


This curriculum covers all of the engineering aspects that surround a VEX EDR robot. Students go through units covering what it means to be an engineer, Mechatronics, design, strategy and 3D modeling.


The VEX IQ Curriculum


Like the EDR curriculum this goes through all of the engineering aspects that surround a VEX robot. The curriculum is targeted at younger students therefore ideas are explained in simple terms. The simplicity of the terminology and lessons does make this a great curriculum for students of all levels who have not been exposed to engineering before.


The Orginal REC Foundation Curriculum


This curriculum looks at the older VEX EDR pic system that has been discontinued. Everything in is is still very relevant and it will work very well if it is paired with the newer curriculum. Programming with the text based Robot-C is a core component and it can be very useful for teaching students how to code their robot.


The Robomater / Carnegie Mellon Intro to VEX IQ Curriculum


This is the best introduction to programming curriculum available. It uses a series of videos tutorials to teach students all of their basic programming needs. This curriculum needs to be used in conjunction with the VEX Curriculum if you plan on having students build robots. This curriculum also works with Robot Virtual Worlds.


The Robomater / Carnegie Mellon intermediate  VEX IQ Curriculum


This is a follow up to the Robomater/Carnegie intro curriculum. It can be used to teach with the VEX IQ in subsequent year levels. It dives much deeper into programming and really opens students minds to what is possible. There are no build instructions, so students will have to use the standard VEX curriculum to build their bot. This curriculum also works with Robot Virtual Worlds.


The Carnegie Mellon VEX EDR Curriculum


This is by far the most in depth curriculum. It goes through building several VEX EDR robots and all of the programming that goes along with it. This is the only curriculum that goes into depth on how to use all of the VEX EDR sensors. It also works with Robot Virtual worlds. This Curriculum is large and can easily cover multiple years of robotics teaching. Many of the Concepts transfer very well to Australian year 11 & 12 Engineering/Systems curriculums.


VEX Curriculum UK


This un official curriculum goes through a huge amount of material. It has been set up lesson by lesson to teach robot building, programming and 3D modelling. They have also added components to teach students who to plasma and laser cut their own VEX components. All of the lesson plans are wrote up beautifully and it would be very easy for a teacher to pick it it and run with it. This curriculum uses the Easy-C programming software which will have to be purchased.


Reminder: Laser and plasma cut parts are not legal at official VEX robotics tournaments.


RoboMesh Curriculum


This curriculum goes through programming VEX robots using Python. The documentation is very well done, and if you are looking to explore other programming languages this is definitely worth looking at.

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